Do&able creates cherry picked interior concepts


Holländische Reihe

Renewal of an old 105 SQM Blacksmith Building from 1881



First the interior had to be gutted. An effortful moisture remediation was performed, all the ceilings got new metal support structures.



The little House didn´t have a own water, gas and electricity connection. We provided an independent infrastructure by connecting it to the street lines.



After fixing all the structural problems, we had a floorheating installed, and put a new kitchen and bathroom, to have a very cozy lounge with all the amenities you need in an office-space to relax.



Loft M43


Rebuilding the Loft M43

This beautiful rough diamond is located in the very nice Hamburg area "Sternschanze". The task was to build a place to live and retrieve, but at the same time keep the open lofty floorplan.



All the important infrastructure lines where renewed and modernized. The original place was gutted, since over the years some walls had clustered the space.



We re-planned the 112 SQM with a very open kitchen and living room area, but a separate bedroom including an open en-suite bathroom, seperated by a big window. 



The interior concept was to find exactly the right amount of new and old handpicked furniture, so it would fit the old building with the new and modern bathroom and kitchen.


Casas Barril


Silvercoast Retreat Casas Barril - Portugal

it was born by a dream of nature...

the idea to create a private unique oasis for relaxation and slow living. Your home away from home in a green and peaceful environment. concentrating on simpleness and pureness. We strongly think in order to take something from the nature we have to give something back, so we plan green roof tops on each of the buildings and solar panels to reduce electricity. With the left excess solar energy even the pool will benefit. Mild, maritime climate all year long , we fall in love with this plot during our location scout.

Project: Location Scout Land, Selecting Architects, Briefing and Supervision, Concept Creation





Renovation K95

Berlin. New city, same tasks: Gutting, rebuilding and modernizing with materials that fit the very nice building.



In the beginning the space had a lot of tiny rooms. We gave it an open, loftlike floorplan, breaking through walls and redirecting infrastructural lines, changing the location of the former kitchen and the bathroom. 



The new bathroom got a spa-like tiled shower-room, the tiles are beautiful and foremost practical. You won´t see any chalk marks that you get with the very hard water in Germany.



Also here, the combination of old and new elements was key to keep up the old nice, charming looks of the place, but also having modern elements present.








Our specialty in interior design is to take the needs of the people living in a space and transform the surroundings accordingly. 

We personally love open spaces, so the furniture, the art and the objects can unfold properly. But tiny & cosy can also be a concept we like.

We provide advice for kitchen- and bathroom planning, we develop moodboards, help with choosing colors and last but not least we can help you as personal furniture shoppers, with a significant individuality designing your new space.